Start from a Film Community originating from Sidoarjo Regency, founded on May 20, 2017. SeStudio continues to actively produce works and produce many local Sidoarjo filmmakers. SeStudio is also active in nurturing students to study the world of film, through the Internship Program.
In 2023, SeStudio has officially established itself as a Production Company that runs businesses in the film and digital sectors.

About Us


Assembles every good vision and progressive idea to create the most relevant changes for the present and the future. We built this production house with a fresh strategy; we believe that good isn’t good enough. We don’t just carry the aesthetic of the content, but also the context. We craft a good idea while caring for the story.

Our Clients

Work Focuses

Create all sorts of commercial needs - food & beverages, beauty, lifestyle, etc.

Explore the narrative, telling the real & right story to build the story in such a way to keep the audience engaged and following the story.

Take your social media content results to the next level with great content. The content can consist photo & videos.

Good documentation is documentation that can capture a beautiful moment into a spectacular and unforgettable moment. We take care of all your needs.

TVC Production & Digital Ads

Film and Documentary

Social Media Content Production


Rehal Lahir Prias Supuntari

Chief Executive Officer

Our Team

Abidul Kaffil

Alen Prima Aulya

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Eka Wahyu Primadani

Chief of Production Officer

Arya Risyad

Sendra Hestiningrum

Chief of Bussiness & Developtment Officer

PR & Promo Manager

Aulia Nichmah Syamsiah

Production Manager

Internship Program

Need Talent?